Online portfolio

Finally, I started posting some works online. You can check them at:
I hope you enjoy them. Any feedback is welcome, especially on the camera concept.


  1. Absolutely amazing work with many fascinating ideas!!
    We only can hope that one manufacturer sees that and tries to realize it.
    Perhaps with complementary lenses, 2.8/24 and 2.4/90 macro. (Later than a 3.5/18, a 2/35 and a 3.5-4.5/28-85 zoom).

    THAT whould be quite a set!

  2. Your design is amazing, solid, modular has some new concepts (Buttons, detachllbe Display, great trusty design...) Amazing work; if the cam then would make great pictures; Something I still expect from Nikon; A Nikon User


  3. Wow really great. I would buy one.

  4. you can design a million times better than all the big camera companies combine. i hope they buy your idea

  5. Suddenly all other cameras look old , and i hope this idea can result in a camera that is possible to buy.
    The design reflects much of the wishes we fotografers have about cameras , wishes the big manufacturers do not listen to.

  6. Thanks, everyone! I am glad you enjoyed the concept.
    In a few months, if everything goes according to plan, there might be another one :)

  7. отличный дизайн, если бы еще это материализовать, да еще в России, да--это был бы действительно повод для гордости