Jigokudani monkeys

One of my subdreams happened. You know, you have those big dreams, like travelling around the world, and there are the subdreams, much easier to achieve. And I finally found myself in Japan.

From here it was really easy to just get on the bus and go to Jigokudani, Hell's Valley. The name apparently comes from all the hot springs and steam vents. But that wasn't what I was interested in, although I did enjoy the hot bath.

Monkeys! Running free all over the place. A very enjoyable experience and a great photo opportunity, although between the steam, mountain shadows and me freezing, it wasn't very easy. I am writing this quite a lot of time after my visit there, and I am regretting a bit not having a better camera and technique back then. So, I guess I will be going back.


  1. I still enjoyed the photos, despite your rubbish camera & technique ^_^

  2. Awesome pics!

    Crazy how "humane" their faces & gestures look like.

  3. Thanks, guys!
    venator, you should see how they behave like, it is an amazing experience. And not having a fence in-between does help :)