Makuhari - where the sunset happens

For its size, Tokyo is a really calm city. Yes, people are rushing, huge crowds in the early morning, cars, houses, neon signs, metro stations... But everything works nicely, nobody bumps into you, it's clean, trains are on time.

Still, at some point one gets overwhelmed by all this human activity and when this happens there aren't many options. You can either jump on the train and after 3 or 4 long hours arrive at some overcrowded mountain, or try to find some isolated spot that let's you breathe for a second.

Makuhari was one of those places. It's just a beach with a nice view of the Tokyo bay. A place where you can actually see the horizon and if you don't turn your head too much you can forget about the buildings around.
When the weather is good, you can see mount Fuji as in the shot above.


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